Asthma and the medically fragile kid with special needs.

It starts out slowly.  Instead of staying within it’s normal parameters it begins to cycle.  From the 60’s to the 70’s.  That’s all it takes to get my attention.

Parker’s sleeping heart rate always foreshadows an upcoming concern.

If we’re lucky it will return to it’s normal and I can lower my terror alert down to zero.

If we’re not lucky it will keep heading up, staying in the high 90’s and low 100’s.   That’s when the first call to the Pedi goes in.  And the first invitation to bring Parker in to be seen goes out.


It’s important to make sure that the elevated heart rate isn’t due to an infection of some kind.  That was ruled out yesterday and attention was turned to Parker’s asthma.

I spend so much time worrying about the PH that I forget that Parker has asthma.  He also has a history of his asthma being triggered by seasonal allergies.  And with all the rain we received this year, allergies are at epic proportions.  It also didn’t help that our backdoor neighbors decided to cut down all the trees that separated our two lots.  The merging of chainsaws and tree trunks left dust two inches thick on everything.

With the weather having been so moderate we were keeping the windows open to lure the breeze into our home instead of turning on the air conditioner which really raises the electricity bill around here.

Not the best choice for a kid with allergy sensitive asthma.

So, the windows have been closed.  I stayed up last night cleaning blinds.   I’ll be washing curtains today.  Everything and anything to make sure the inside of our home will be less likely to trigger asthma symptoms.

We are doubling the inhaled steroids and increasing the vest treatments.  This morning we could hear the wheezing in Parky’s lungs.  And, of course, he has an Echo on Monday and an upcoming cath in July.


One thing’s for sure. Life is never boring at our house…

Do any of your have kids with asthma?  Would you mind telling me about your experiences?  Things you’ve done to help make it easier for your child?


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