Aspiration Pneumonia

You know it’s going to be a day when the first thing you run for as your feet hit the floor is the phone so you can call your kid’s doctor.  We’ve been battling an aspiration pneumonia along with an ear infection.  Something still hasn’t mended which is the reason for the phone call.  Parker is scheduled for a surgery on Friday to totally seal his epiglottis to PREVENT aspiration pneumonia.  Yup.  Irony is often the spice of my life.

We’ve been able to determine that it’s Parker’s lungs that account for his pulmonary hypertension.  The worse his lungs the worse his pulmonary hypertension.  So each aspiration takes time off of his life.  I’m not being dramatic here.  It is Parker’s reality.  So it is the top priority for us to eliminate these aspirations.


A little boy with Down syndrome


This kid is magic.  He lights up a room with his spirit.

This kid is a fighter.  He’s proven that he wants to be here.  Now we need to do our part.

In a little over a week our Brave Hero will be turning 10 YEARS OLD.   Yup.  Double digits.  For a kid who was never supposed to see his FIRST birthday, I think this is pretty big.

Keep your fingers crossed that we don’t have to postpone this surgery.   I’m thinking we are going to have to.  Parker is going through a rough patch right now and I’m nervous it will be months before they will be able to get this rescheduled.

One thing for certain.  Life around here is never boring.

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