Are YOU Smarter Than Your Insurance Company?

Non-verbal Kids Seeks iPad brought in a whole lot of discussion from parents who would also love to be able to provide their kid with an iPad.

As I’ve done more and more research about an iPads  doing what it’s $4,000 dollar counterpart does, yet still not being covered by insurance, while the $4,000 dollar version is, I couldn’t help but wonder why.

(Our insurance wouldn’t touch ANYTHING in regards to Parker’s speech issues as they are due to his Down syndrome. Lovely, no?)

In every iPad giveaway I entered there were many entries talking about how they wanted to win in order to use the iPad as a communication device for their child with special needs.  Either because they didn’t have insurance, their insurance wouldn’t cover it, or their school districts didn’t have enough of what was needed to go around.

I got to thinking.

How many pieces of medically justified technology  do insurance companies refuse to touch?

And why?

How many insurance companies  have a deal with Medicaid that makes it waaaay too lucrative to mark an LTV Ventilator as patient owned, while they didn’t think twice about pawning off a ready to pass out oxygen concentrator on you.

How about a portable oxygen concentrator that would pay for itself in a year.  At $35.00 a pop for oxygen bottle refills it makes no sense for an insurance company to refuse to pay for a battery operated concentrator that you could take with you AND refill your own bottles with.

Unless of course your insurance company owns the company that provides your oxygen bottle refills and really likes the money it makes from each oxygen bottle you empty?


If you need something, and your medical professionals can justify it….I want to hear from you in the comments section. Tell me what it is you need.

I’d like to hear about what your kid with special needs might need technologically that makes more sense than the multi-thousand dollar solution your insurance is trying to push off on you.

(Because it makes more money for them.  Ahem.)

If you had the power to make YOUR kid’s life better, and didn’t have to rely on insurance company’s decisions in regards to what THEY thought was most appropriate, what would you choose for your child.

What would you choose for your child if funding wasn’t an issue?

After we have this conversation, I’d like to introduce you to someone who has big dreams of making some of these wishes come true.

Remember though, we are talking actual items here, not  creating world peace, or suddenly making you 10 pounds thinner, or providing you with a night nurse that actually showed up with they were supposed to.  This discussion has great potential.  But that potential does come with a few limitations.

You’ll want to take the time to leave your thoughts in the comments section.  You never know when a wish might be granted.

PS: While you are here will you join up on our new Google Friends.  This makes a big difference when it comes to good SEO and good SEO makes a big difference when trying to attract the brands that might be able to grant a few wishes.?


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