Apples, Grandmas and Paint! Oh, My!

Keep your eyes open to your mercies.

The man who forgets to be thankful

has fallen asleep in life.

-Robert Louis Stevenson


I keep coming across this quote.  Think somebody might be trying to tell me something?


We’ve been doing a lot with apples and pumpkins at our house. From making applesauce to gearing up for a giant canning session where pumpkin pie filling will be the center of attention.


So what better time to paint with apples?


My Mom, Parker’s Gam, helped out with this activity. She’s a brave one, my Mom.


Teaching the technique.


I can do it myself!

Unfortunately I forgot and cut the apple the wrong way. Drat. But if you choose to do some of your own apple painting and want a fun rhyme to go with it, try this one:

Take an apple round and red,

don’t slice down, slice through instead.

Right inside it you will see,

a star as pretty as can be.

A special star for you and me!

(I wish I knew where I got this from, I’d love to give credit where credit is due.)

Another apple printing activity, complete with puppets and a story! She remembered to cut the apple the right way. sigh.

Muses of Megret shares how she makes her own apple chips! Yum!

How about some paper bag apple trees?

And who doesn’t love a few worms in their apples?

I LOVE to see what YOU are working on in YOUR homeschool preschool!

I have a few winners to announce today!  I’ll come back after we take Parker for his bloodwork and share.  Then, this Friday we’ll be hosting another reveiew/giveaway from DISCOUNT SCHOOL SUPPLY!

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