And The Award Goes To……..

I was so touched when both Michelle from Big Blueberry Eyes told me that she chose me to receive:

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You may be asking yourself, uh……why Tammy? Michelle explains: Anyone who has read Tammy’s blog knows that she deserves a Rockin Blogger Award! She is an amazing mom with an even more amazing son. He has fought and fought every medical hurdle thrown at him and come out kicking and screaming. He’s a fighter that’s for sure! Tammy is someone who I would love to just head on over to her house and give a great big hug too! They’ve been dealt a bad hand, insurance-wise, and she handles it all with such grace!

While I totally agree with her about what a fighter Parker is, I’m not so sure about me handling things with grace, lol! There are a few Residents and at least one Fellow up at PCMC that would most likely agree with me. 😉

Thank you so much Michelle. And anytime you are ready to head on over here just let me know!

Now it is MY turn to pass this award on.

I knew immediately that I needed to send this award over to Melody over at Slurping life. Melody is one of my Must Read bloggers each and every day. She is both a mother by birth and adoption. She and her husband are the adoptive parents to three ‘special purpose’ sons.

Melody has a way of making the everyday life with boys into a wonderful, magical adventure. This is something I want to emulate and do more with my own kids. I envy the childhood she is giving these three wonderful guys. I imagine Melody to be a total ‘glass half full’ kind of gal and the kind of person you would want to have as a best friend.

Head on over to Melody’s and visit for awhile and you’ll see what I mean.

Debra over at Mom of 12. Debra is an amazing Mom to TWELVE kids. Need I say more as to why she deserves such an award? I stand in total awe, lol!

Lee who writes at bert, bean, cheesehead & schmoozer. This is a beautiful Mom of two sons who each have that little something extra. Her youngest son just underwent a successful pull through surgery. This is the same type of surgery that Parker will have when he is healthy enough. You will love getting to know her family.

My friend Jan who is Mom to Nash and blogs at Mauzy’s Musings. Jan is funny, intelligent and one of the best advocates for those born with Down syndrome that I have ever known. She and Nash are showing the world the value, potential and pure and total joy that comes with an extra chromosome. I hope one day Parker and I can walk in their footsteps.

Go ye forth now to visit and enjoy.


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