A Prayer Request

Our family will be fasting this Sunday.  We are also asking for all the prayers we can.  We are specifically asking for prayers to:

1. To know if it is in Parker’s best interest to have him undergo another right heart cath.

2. To know if the last heart cath results were indeed somehow wrong and should be thrown out.

3.  To know the best way to address Parker’s aspiration issues. It’s so hard when you are so close to a situation to know the proper decisions to make.  I’ve spent the last almost 6 years praying that I wouldn’t miss something or make a decision that would cause harm or pain for this Bravest Hero of ours.  He simply deserves so much more.

I need to be able to do more than just think I’m making the right decision. Or hoping that I made the right decision.  I need to KNOW through the Spirit the answers to each of the questions above.  I’ll possibly be going against what Cardio or ENT or Pulmo thinks I should be doing.  I’ll need to be able to KNOW that I have made the right choice.

I’ve been blessed with these types of experiences before.  When I just KNEW.  When the peace was so strong and I just knew. I need to be blessed with this power again. It has a single source.  It comes via the Spirit directly from my Father in Heaven.

4. To ask for Parker to be blessed with increased health.  For lower pressures to be found within his lungs.

5. That the next cath, whenever it may be, bring us a bit of peace rather than the fear and uncertainty the last one has brought.

The power of prayer is an amazing thing.  We’ve felt your prayers in the past.  And we humbly ask for them again.


  1. Tami Lewis Sep 17, 10
  2. Scarehaircare Sep 17, 10
    • Tammy & Parker Sep 18, 10
  3. mamikaze
    Sep 17, 10
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  4. kelli
    Sep 17, 10
    • Tammy & Parker Sep 18, 10
  5. Petra Sep 17, 10
  6. Barbara
    Sep 17, 10
  7. ~ Chris A Sep 17, 10
  8. Lacey and Jax Sep 17, 10
    • Tammy & Parker Sep 18, 10
      • christine Sep 19, 10
  9. Childlife Sep 19, 10
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  11. Renee Garcia Sep 20, 10
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