And Barney it is.

I was bemoaning to my Mom a few weeks ago about how Parker really isn’t ‘into’ anything.  Oh, he loves balls, books, and dismantling the Christmas Tree.  But nothing like my other kids had.  Barbies.  Sports teams.  Littlest Pet Shop. So many things to drive a Mama up the wall, but helped my kids have a way to relate to other kids their ages.

There was nothing that Parker identified with in that way and it was kind of hurting my heart some.

Famous last words, eh?

Fast forward to recently and me putting in a Barney DVD instead of the one I thought I was putting in.  The first bars of that opening theme and somebody’s eyeballs got wide.  A hero’s head popped up and before I knew it Parker was rocking out in front of the television.

I couldn’t ply the kid away. All the zillions of awesome movies in the world and my kid imprints on a certain Big Purple Dinosaur is what



My first thought was that at nine years old, being fixated on Barney isn’t exactly something that is going to get Parker invited into the best social circles.  There are already a few kids in the neighborhood who insist that Parker is a baby even though he’s a couple of years older than they are.

And then my Mama verbally whopped her daughter upside the head. 

Parker’s new found love for Barney is making him happy.  Really happy.  The issue is me.  Me.  The person who is constantly fighting for kids with disabilities to be accepted for who they are, even when trailing a purple dinosaur, got her a big ‘ol wake up call.

Parker will be finding this under the Christmas tree this year along with a few new Barney DVDs.

It’s not so bad.  As a matter of fact it could be worse.  He could have fallen in love with Sponge Bob.  *shiver*    Then I remembered that my now 25 year old 6’3″ son still slept with his blankie at least on his bed until he left on his mission.  hehe.

While checking the mail yesterday I heard a kid about a year older than Parker let out a stream of profanity that caused my cheeks to burn.  Yup.  Barney is looking better and better.

And the smiles on my kid’s face?  Worth every single minutes I have to cringe my way through the I Love You song.

Does anyone else have a kid that loves something that perhaps other kids their age may have outgrown years ago?  How do you feel about it?

PS:  I’m working on a Barney theme for Parker in homeschool.  I’ll share.  Promise.



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  1. Ruby McGill says:

    Kawana still loves Dora, Bananas in Pyjamas, and Barbie movies – she’s just turned 11, but I’m happy with her choices. She has enough challenges as she moves through puberty without the messages that some of the ‘more grown up’ movies would send her way. I love hearing her respond to Dora’s requests, and her Spanish is improving, too.

  2. Chris says:

    Dora here in Nana land, too. And Barney, although she is moving past him some. And Minnie Mouse- “MINNIE!!!” And, she’ll be 10 in a few days, so, yep. I getcha, She has a 12 year old classmate who lives and breathes Elmo, so hey, it could be worse!

  3. Becky says:

    Hey I still sleep with my baby blanket! Lol my grandma says if she would have known I would still be using it she would have made it bigger ;) it’s been by my side almost 32 yrs :)

  4. My 10 year old will still watch Sesame Street with his younger siblings.

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