And Away We Go!

We are heading up to Primary’s today.  Parker has an appointment with Dr. Daftry, his Pulmo.  This guy is amazing.  He also has a last name that nobody knows how to properly pronounce.  I’ve heard at least 20 variations of it.

They told us to bring up all of Parker’s gear to this appointment.  Which means that we’ll need to add Parker’s vent, tubing, and a host of other stuff.

This along with the other three bags of gear that follows Parker everywhere he goes.

My kid travels in style I tell ya.

In order to get everything up there that we’ll need, I’ll have to employ the help of the 14 year old.

He’ll be playing the role of pack horse.

But don’t tell him I told you that.  He’s already a little stabby that he has to go up with us today anyway.

We’d appreciate prayers for this appointment to be productive.  That Dr. Daftry might be led by the Spirit to know how best to address the stuff going on with Parker’s lungs.

And that everything is fixable.  Fixable is very important.

We were told to be prepared for this to be a 2-3 hour appointment.

It’s gonna be a long day.

I’d better get it started.


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