An Old Crone

is what I have felt like these last few days. I went to bed the other night feeling perfectly fine and woke up the next morning unable to even stand up straight.

And it has only gotten worse.

Reed told me that he finds that if he gets up and moves around when his back is giving him grief that it helps stretch the muscles and get things back where they should be.

It just made my legs go totally numb.

I can’t pick Parker up. He’s been letting me know how much he doesn’t appreciate that. I can’t do anything around the house. Luckily my girls are incredible and have been taking care of things.

This just reaffirms my need to start taking better care of my health. And I plan on doing just that once I can resume a vertical position.

I’d really rather not have to make an appointment with the doctor. Having to crawl into his office could be a bit embarrassing.

Anybody have any tried and true helpful remedies for lower back pain. The kind that really, really hurts?


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