An Abudant Life

Being Parker’s Mom has taught me a lot of things. To be truthful, some of the greatest lessons I’ve ever gleaned have come from being the Mom of a medically fragile child with special needs.

Like how it is not true that in order to live an abundantly joyful life you have to have a lot of money.

And how so often we allow unimportant things to drain our time and energy from what is really important in life, like our families. Our eternal relationships and what we have learned are all that we really take with us when we leave this mortal existence.

You don’t need the biggest and most expensive house on the block in order to be happy. You simply need a house that meets your needs.

I know  that there are those who have lost their ‘sub-prime-loaned McMansions’ in this economy that might agree with me.

Don’t get me wrong.  There was a time, not too long ago either, when bigger and better where my goals too.


I’m learning to live by  the quote “Use it up, wear it out. Make it do, or do without.”


I’m thankful for a husband who has mastered the skills needed to do the upkeep on our home.   His ability to do this stuff has saved us so much money.


Our family eats at home. I cook the vast majority of our meals from scratch. I’m thankful for the principal of food storage, it has kept us going these last few years.


I don’t shop conventionally. I shop to replace what I’ve used up from our food storage. I buy in bulk and on sale. And I coupon. So, when you see me in the checkout line at the grocery store it wouldn’t be odd to see my cart filled with only what was on sale that week.


I also garden. I’m becoming much more interested in being as self sufficient as possible. This means growing and preserving as much food as we are able.


A garden and a bit of work can really cut down on a girl’s grocery bill.


I have a freezer full of pumpkin puree, red pasta sauce, shredded zucchini, and sliced peaches and plums. All organic. All grown within walking distance of my home.


There is just something so wonderful about feeding your family with food you’ve grown and preserved yourself.  It is truly time well spent.


This year I’m upping my game and harvesting more of my own garden seeds. Organic seeds are pricey. And I love the feeling of saving the money I’d spend at the store by doing it myself instead.


These are just a few of the ways we are choosing to live an abundantly joyful life.

I’d love to hear some of yours.


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