AmTryke Parker And Now I Can

One of the reasons I wanted Parker to Now I Can was to get help in teaching Parker how ride his AmTryke.  I was told that most kids who bring their bikes with them here HATE riding their bikes.  Not my kid.  He loves the time on his bike.  We just need to teach him the whole concept of peddling.  And steering.  AmTryke Parker and Now I Can have made a great team, and Parker is peddling on his own!

Learning how to ride an adaptive bike.

Hopefully the steering skills will be the next accomplishment.  He holds on to the steering bar, but likes to watch his feet peddle and forgets that he is the master of his own destination, whether it be the nearest wall or further down the road.

I’m a firm believer that the ability to learn is tied directly in with the ability to move.  The more and varied movement experiences Parker has the better he learns.  It’s just how he’s wired.  Bike riding meets two forms of sensory stimulation. Vestibular: the movement of the bike.  Proprioceptive: the pushing of the pedals.

A little boy with Down syndrome learning how to ride his AmTryke

Plus cruising the neighborhood on a cool looking bike will help him fit in with his buds as they  journey the neighborhood  walkways on their bikes and scooters.

How did you teach your child to ride a bike?  Does your child ride an adaptive bike like the AmTryke?

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