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Can you imagine what a BEAUTIFUL book this could be for Parker to enjoy while he is healing from his surgery on the 16th?

And, Can You Believe:

Parker’s friend, Amy, from: BUNNY ROSE COTTAGE

And Kalya, Lucas and Michelle from BIG BLUEBERRY EYES

We’ve had offers from friends to donate items to sell with the proceeds to go towards Parker’s medical fund….so if I can figure out how to set something up I’ll let everyone know.

Parker’s snoring in his crib right now after an intense day of Mom trying to clear out his chest and lungs. I spare you the graphic details of what I’ve been dragging up from his trach today. But let’s just say that *YUCK* would be a very appropriate descriptive kinda word for todays adventures.

And I’m gonna take advantage of this time to SHOWER! Ya-hooo!

It’s alll about the little things, ya know?


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