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Well, true to her word, Angie Larsen did tell a bit about Parker’s story today on Good Things Utah. And they showed a couple of pictures of our littlest Hodson boy. Pretty darn handsome, but I’m sure that I am biased in some way or another.

Angie talked about Highland City’s suppoprt of Parker and his medical fund and the silent auction that will be held during the Highland Fling! She also mentioned the medical fund set up in Parker’s name at all Zion’s banks.
Reed took Parker up to his sleep study last night. Parker was so congested that they had to stop the study, remove the c-pap and then saline Parker’s nose, spray some other stuff up it and then wait for Parker to go back to sleep and then re-hook up the cpap. I had two very exhausted boys on my hands when they got home this morning. Parker HATES sleep studies. He was aggitated to the point of almost a kind of panic when he got home. I gave him a bath to get all the gunk off of him that they put on him up there and then spent the rest of the day holding him. Poor kid.

But tomorrow is the biggie. Parker goes in for a CT scan of his sinuses. They will have to totally put him out for this and because of that they will need to put a tube down his throat to protect his airway since Parker has a habit of having apnea episodes when sedated. Fun times.We were thinking that we would be able to bring him home right after. But PCMC called today and told us we may want to plan for an overnight stay. aaaahhhhh!

Tori from is in the PCMC right now as well. She is having some problems and they need to keep her there for a few more days to make sure that everything is going smoothly. So tomorrow we are planning to drop by her room and say “hi.” She and her family are totally amazing.

You know, I had great plans for a relaxing summer. Lots of extra work with Parker, spending time with my kids, working in my gardens, getting to a few MUCH needed projects……but sometimes life has other plans for you.

I have been more nuts this summer than ever!
And that friends, is kinda scary! 😉

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