All Clear

Yup. The pulmonary arteries all looked fine. Even the one that had looked a little shut off in previous echoes.

I’m trying to exhale, but my nerves are so shot that I think I’ve forgotten how.

But I haven’t forgotten how to be thankful. I’m very thankful.


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  1. Phew! Still keeping those prayers coming that he gets to go home soon!

  2. Oh thank you, God! What a day you all must have had. Keeping sweet Parker in my prayers and his mommy too. Praying for some rest for you both tonight.

    Barb and Michael

  3. Hallelujah!

    Still praying for the other stuff, but God is so GOOD!

  4. Sarah

    Oh yeah!!!!

    Praying you get to go home really soon.

  5. Debbie says:

    yesssssssssss! sorry you had to go through all the anxiety today…but i’m glad the results were good. i hope tonight is a good one for both of you…

  6. Jennifer Sprague says:

    Thank God in all his glory – WOW!!! I have been checking all day to find out how it went, I am so thankful it went well! ((((HUGS))))

  7. Sheryl says:

    Thankful with you!! Continuing the prayers.

  8. Kate, Tommy's Mom says:

    Oh PHEW!!! I have been checking through the day, worried for Parker, worried for you. I think I would have collapsed in tears of relief after all you have been through this week. Hugs to you, Tammy.

  9. Audrey - Pinks & Blues Girls says:

    YOU ALL our in my prayers.

    What great news it was so log into your blog and read your latest post!

    Try to rest tonight and know that you have friends out there in the world thinking and praying for your beautiful son – and for you and your family.

    Much love,

  10. I stayed up just to read this news. Thank God.

    Breathe Tammy, breathe. Parker is here for a very special purpose…perhaps just to toughen you up. :)

    Love, hugs and prayers always. ox

  11. Been meaning to mention to you about a formula I researched and found out about 3 years ago.

    Its called Novasource pulmonary and is for kids with compromised lungs. When I first ran onto it I was skeptical because it claimed to help strenghten the lungs along with protecting them against a host of “super bugs” which was vital for Jophie as he’s colonized with several super bugs already. It comes in a can just like normal tube feeding formulas only this one is sterile AND the actual formula can last for longer periods without growing any bugs no matter if your using a feeding pump or doing bolus feeds. The items/tubing/pumps it comes in contact with is protected by the protecting agent in the formula. It inhibits the growth of these bacterias over a longer period.

    It also has MORE calories and fat than normal and doesn’t “crowd compromised lungs” like most formulas or any liquid for that matter.

    SO, for example….If for some reason Jophie is unable to take the amount of formula he needs due to illness or whatever he is actually STILL getting MORE calories/fat than he would have been getting had he of been drinking the FULL amount of Pediasure that he was on. Make sense? They can take less but still get MORE in the Calorie/Fat department.

    He’s been on it for 3+ years and it has literally been a miracle. Don’t get me wrong he is NOT cured nor will he ever be BUT, he does get the nutrition he needs now PLUS, there is no crowding of the lungs when he eats AND, it truly has strengthened his lungs. It really is amazing stuff.

    Jophie is on Ohio Medicaid and granted I have to fight for most everything but they did pay for this.

    Also, thought I should mention that AFTER TONS of fighting we were able to get Medicaid to pay for Jophies Pulse OX which is portable and included a bag. I first got it covered 7 1/2 years ago and he’s now on his 3rd machine. However, the probes are a whole nother story. They will only cover 3 per year and those are one time use throw-aways which means I have to purchase those at the tune of 128.00 EACH. I’m sure thats no secret to you. I’m still fighting for those and am hoping they will just get sick of hearing me and give in.

    Just thought it was worth mentioning that way IF he does finally get Medicaid then you have something to fight with…Use the fact that you KNOW Medicaid is in fact paying for the machines becase we have one and actually are on the 3rd one.

    I truly know how hard it is to fight for things and honestly I get so weary. I’m sure you do too not to mention its hard staying long periods on the hospital especially doing the emotional roller coaster thing. I truly understand as all of Jophies stays have been at least 6 months or longer each time….

    I find that sometimes you just have to step back and catch your breath that way you’ll be ready to go after em again!

    Keep fighting for what he needs even if you think you can’t take one more step. Even if they say NO….Keep at it because you WILL WIN some of these battles. I can honestly say I’ve never won any wars but oh how sweet it is to WIN even just one battle! :0)

    Hang in there…

    Hugs and Prayers, Trina

  12. Lynnae says:

    I am so glad! Praise God!

  13. Shoot…Forgot one thing
    We also have to take along O2 tanks, Suction machine, Pulse Ox, Nebulizer not too mention all the feeding supplies/tubes/meds/syringes blah blah PLUS Jophie and his wheelchair…

    What I wanted to let you know is we’ve rigged up a way to carry the O2 tanks on the back of any type of stroller/wheelchair that only involves some straps with buckles. You can also attach most of the other pieces of equipment in this manner. We do have one piece that we had to buy a simple beach bag from Wal-mart to pack it in but everything else you can attach. We started attaching these items as far back as 12 years ago on those little umbrella strollers that fold. YOu know the type? We had to use that type because OF COURSE it took medicaid forever to approve his first wheelchair….Surprise there huh?

    When you get home and things are a bit more settled I would be more than happy to share with you how we attach all these things and where to get the straps. I can even share pictures with you if that would be easier?

    My hope is that through our experience over the years that maybe we could possibly make your path a little “less weedy and troubleseome” with the ideas we’ve come up with. At the very least maybe by solving a few of these little problems things won’t seem so overwhelming.

    OK done for sure now cause Jophie needs IV meds hung!

    Take care!
    Hugs and Prayers! :0)


  14. Praise God…power in prayer.

    Take a walk tonight…get some fresh air. And breathe. We’re cheering for you both.

  15. Praise God…power in prayer.

    Take a walk tonight…get some fresh air. And breathe. We’re cheering for you both.

  16. Praise God!!!!

  17. Thats great news. Praise be to God! Im praying for your little guy today.

  18. Rebecca says:

    Thank GOD.
    You’ve been so brave.

  19. Oh what wonderful news! Thank you God!!

  20. Thank God! I’ve been checking often. an I’m so glad to see this post!

  21. Great news…I’m jumping up and down! I hope this trend continues…

  22. Stacy says:

    What wonderful news! Very thankful indeed! I am sure you are very stressed and worn from worry from these last few days. Try to take a moment for yourself…maybe a nice hot bath to sooth your nerves. I think that would do wonders. (((Hugs)))

  23. Amy & Emma says:

    So thankful to read this post. We hope you got some rest last night, and we’re praying that you’re home soon. Give that sweet boy of yours a great big hug from all of us!

  24. I admit it… I held my breath when I clicked on your link this morning… then a big exhale. I’ll exhale for you, okay? That is great news!

  25. Lori Harper says:

    Thank you Jesus!!! Will continue to pray for little Parker. My 6yo daughter prays for “the baby on mommy’s computer page with the nose wire”. It’s so sweet…she never forgets to pray for him.

  26. Soooooo happy you got good results Tammy – praying this is the first of A LOT of good news!!!

    Hugs and prayers being sent your way!!!

  27. Praise God!!!!

  28. Thank You, Lord! I am so relieved! I will keep on praying for Parker and for you and your whole family.

    I may have found a blanket for Parker :) one that is fuzz-free but I have been told it feels like velour. I will get back to you on this.


  29. Praise God for some wonderful news!

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