We’ve seen the looks. We’ve heard the comments. We’ve witnessed the pity as you have compared our child to yours.

And released a sigh of gratitude.

At times it seems as though there is not a line drawn, but a wall built, between us.

Between those of us whose children are labeled as disabled, and yours.

But we are no longer content to stay on our side of the wall.

We grow tired of school districts that insist any child with a diagnosis should not be allowed in classrooms with typical students.

Of insurance companies that demand we pay the same premiums, but then deny services based on misconceptions of what our children will one day be able to achieve.

Because hearts break as our children are left on the sidelines watching their peers pass them by, forgotten and uninvited.

We understand that many of you are at a loss of how to include a child with special needs. You don’t know what to say, or what to do.

We recognize that unknown and fear are often synonyms.

We hope that you will ask questions. Take a chance. Be open to what is deemed different.

We promise to meet you half way. It’s the least we can do.

Together we can bridge gaps and open hearts.