Addicted2Scents: A November Raffle for Parker’s Medical Fund!

Parker’s friend Katie is pretty amazing.  Not only does she understand our desires to provide Parker with the best medical care possible, she understands our worries about the cuts being made by a certain local legislative representative that prompted Parker’s Medicaid case worker to suggest we prepare ourselves for the potential loss of Parker’s spot on the Travis C. Waiver.

(Oh.  That local legislative representative?  He’s the guy that told us to host a BBQ to provide Parker’s medical needs rather than depend on the Travis C. Waiver to keep Parker alive.)

The case worker’s  exact words were something along the lines of “You may want to make some phone calls to see what a vent costs and start thinking about how you would pay for one out of pocket.”

Vents run in the ball park of $21,000.

holy cow.

Because Parker’s private insurance already “paid” for a vent for him, (a T-Bird) they won’t touch the kind he uses now (a LTV).  The LTV is the only vent that can handle Parker’s wacky settings, and the only vent Parker has been able to tolerate well.

Katie, bless her heart, is not only a sponsor of Parker’s blog (go and click on the Scentsy button in Parker’s sidebar!), she has also offered to host a benefit raffle this month with all proceeds going to Parker’s medical fund.

For that future vent and other items we regularly have to pay out of pocket for.

November’s raffle begins today and goes through November 15th.

What’s being offered: One Scentsy Warmer and Scent Bar of YOUR choice




A Scentsy Buddy of your choice.

How to enter: For each $5.00 donation you can leave one comment telling us which Scentsy  Warmer and bar you love the most, OR which Scentsy Buddy you love the most.  Be sure to visit Katie’s Addicted2Scents website to see all your choices!


EXTRA entry: After you’ve made your $5.00 donation to Parker’s medical fund, visit Katie’s Facebook page, Addicted2Scents and “Like” it.


A Brigham Young University Scentsy Warmer!  More Team Warmers also available!


An Airforce Scentsy Warmer!  More Patriot Scentsy Warmers Available!

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