A Workbox System For Special Needs Homeschooling

I’ve been loving the idea of Sue Patrick’s Workbox System.  Well, it’s actually Sue’s system tweeked for Parker’s needs.

What I’m going to share with you today is just the tip of the iceberg as to how we incorporate this into our daily homeschooling.  I’ll have lots more to share as our school year goes on.

We don’t have a homeschooling room.  We use our dining room. Lovely, no?  sigh.


Oh, well, this will just have to do until the Prize Patrol figures out where we live.


I’m using Rubbermaid totes for the actual workboxes.  This is necessary to keep a certain little someone out of stuff.  ahem.

(I’ve have pictures for each item that we put into Pakrer’s boxes.  One picture goes on Parker’s daily board, the matching picture on the top of the corresponding box.  I’ll show you more about this in a later post.)

Parker knows the sign for ‘workboxes.’ He loves opening his boxes to find activities such as:


Activities that review what we covered the previous week.  Last week our unit of study was Getting Dressed.


Sorting activities. October is a great month for black, orange and white!


Finger plays that go along with our unit of study. This week is pumpkins! This makes for great opportunities to introduce new signs to our Brave Hero.

New signs for this finger play include: witch, pumpkin, fence, bat, wind and moon.


This week’s shape is the rectangle.

Tomorrow Parker will paint his paper plate orange, and then glue the orange rectangles on. Even the pumpkin’s stem is a rectangle!  Then we will wrap a green pipe cleaner around the stem for the vine. (Okay, so the rectangles are more of a burnt orange color. I really need to get to the craft store and stock up on some new colors.)


I spent a lot of time this summer putting together a curriculum for Parker. I’ll also be including some GREAT lesson plans from The Itty Bitty Bookworm. I can’t say enough good things about their literature based curriculum.

I put new activities in each box every day except for the review box. The review box stays the same.

Some days the boxes may have shape or color related activities. Others letter  or number related.


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