A Star Studded Kinda Day

Parker and I are learning about stars. It was the shape of the week last week. Perfect for Christmas, no?


I took some cheap noodles and dyed them yellow with left over Easter egg colorant because one of my many children made off with my food coloring. I’m thinking of a certain Scout activity a few months back…

But I digress…..


With the help of McCall Parker outlined his star with the noodles, then painted the inside of the star with glue.


Our Brave Hero wasn’t too thrilled about me insisting McCall help him shake out the glitter on the middle of the star.

Experience has taught me that glitter and Hodson boys don’t a good mix make. Brant and the Terrifying Glitter Disaster of ’90 come to mind.



I was seriously cleaning glitter out of that kid’s ear for the next six months.


But I can’t help it. I just lurrrve me some glitter. But just not in my preschooler’s ears iykwim.


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