A Simple, Giftable, Fall Craft for Kids

I often work my way through a few online Facebook yard sale groups each day.  Oh, the stuff that you can get for cheap that you never knew you needed.  Sometimes, though, you can score a steal on something you’ve been hoping for but couldn’t quite squeak out of the budget.  Like a few blank  canvas frames.  And the price.  Oh, the price is the stuff that Happy Dances are made of. Folks we are talking a buck each.  Yup.  100 pennies.  Suddenly, your day has just been made.

See, I’ve had my eye on a simple, yet giftable fall craft for kids.

simple, giftable, fall craft for kids

I’m not sure from whom this wonderous idea originated.  I’ve seen various versions all over the internet from No Time for Flash Cards to…..er……  Seriously, I’ve seen a lot of variations on this project.  Here’s ours.

You’ll need:

A canvas
Washable glitter paints
Clothes Pin
Painter’s tape  (masking tape may work just as well)

fall craft

Using the painter’s tape, create your tree.  Anywhere you put the tape will remain white.  I printed off this tree from 3 Dinosaurs and used it as a guide.  I can’t even make stick trees.  True story.

a tree made out of painter's tape

Make sure the tape is secure and all of the edges on down.  This provides a cleaner line for your finished project.

Next, I cut a 1.5 inch piece of sponge and using a clothes pin, created a DIY paint brush.

painting with sponges

We used red, yellow and orange glitter paint.

a little boy with down syndrome doing crafts

Because of the texture of the canvas, after Parker painted his leaves on the tree, he wanted to use his hands to blend every thing in really well.  Worked for us.  He LOVED the sensory experience.

a little boy with special needs smiling

Let your picture dry.  Make sure it is really dry.  Then lift up the paint and ta da!  A Parasso.  (Parker + Piasco = Parasco)

I’ll let him write his name in the corner to add a true masterpiece flare to his finished work.

What sort of simple, giftable, fall crafts are you working on?

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