A Scentsy Contest: Part 2

Last two days………..

Good Luck!

If you look over to your right, you’ll see Parker’s blog sponsors. I hope you’ll take a minute to click on each button and visit these wonderful Mom owned and operated businesses.

Katie, the owner of Addicted 2 Scents, the place for all things Scentsy, is offering up another raffle in Parker’s behalf.

This time for each $5.00 donated to Parker’s Tip Jar, (lower right hand side of this blog) your name will be entered for a Scentsy Holiday Warmer and a block of Scentsy wax.

Are they not delightful?



These little beauties plug directly into a wall outlet and warm your highly scented Scentsy wax.

Fine Print:

Every penny that is donated to Parker’s medical fund goes directly to Parker’s medical fund. It pays for things that neither our insurance nor Medicaid is willing to touch.

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Special Needs Blogger, and homeschooling Mom, heavily involved in advocacy for all kids with special needs in Utah.


  1. […] See that Scentsy button up in the right hand corner of Parker’s blog?  It’s owner, Katie, has been so sweet as to offer another raffle for a bit of Scentsy amazingness. […]

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