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I’m very particular about what toys Parker plays with. And for the most part Parker’s playthings follow a Montessori theme with a bit of Waldorf thrown in for good measure.

Because I home school Parker I’m able to create learning activities selecting the best ideas from various curriculums and create a program beautifully suited to Parker’s needs.

From kitchen play, to art to Parker’s beloved Holztiger animals, Rosie Hippo supports us all the way.


Have you seen their page devoted to directing parents to the exact products needed to meet certain skill sets? PERFECT for the parent of a child with special needs!

Toys sold by Rosie Hippo are of the highest quality and come from all over the world!


I wonder if I could talk the Grandparents into purchasing one of these for Parker. His birthday is in November!


Or maybe one of these! What kid wouldn’t LOVE a set of wheels like these?

Not to mention that Parker’s PT just told us that this is the type of toy Parker needs to gain pre-bike riding skills.    Wonder if Rosie Hippo would like to have us review this beauty ?

True story: We had Parker’s IEP today. (Reed was 30 minutes late to his own kid’s IEP!) Parker’s providing teacher told us that we needed to buy a shopping cart, fill it with wooden blocks and have Parker push it around to help build up some muscle tone.

She was very specific when she told us NOT to buy the cheap plastic kind from the store. But to get something sturdy that will hold up to some boy abuse.


I’m thinking this is what she was dreaming of……..

Think beautifully handcrafted wooden toys and toys made with organic fabrics. Toys that encourage enthusiasm, exploration and education!


Shh…..don’t tell Parker.  He’s getting a set of these for Christmas!  A little artwork is just what our boring ‘ol windows are beggin’ for!

Rosie Hippo carries the  kind of toys that fit perfectly with my educational philosophies for our Brave Hero!

And how do I know what I’m talking about? Well, Rosie Hippo was wonderful enough to send Parker one of these:


And this isn’t just another adorable Polar Bear!


This polar bear was made in Germany and has a removable cotton cushion stuffed with cherrystones that can be heated, making the animal warm and lovely to hug…..or cooled to soothe a fever or toothache.

How fantastic is that?


Real men aren’t afraid of loving on their Polar Bears.

$55.oo Value!

How would like to win a polar bear for your certain little someone!

It’s easy!

Just head on over to Rosie Hippo and look around.  And then come back and let me know what you loved the most!

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Fine print: US Residents only. Only valid where legal. I was not paid for this post. However Parker did receive a free Polar Bear for review.

Contest open through  September 25th.


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