A Presentation. An Anthropology Class. And My Niece.

Parker’s been fighting one hell of a virus.  Enough snot to sink a ship.  Enough grouchy to sink a Mommy.

One bright spot though was a Facebook message from my niece.  She asked:

I am doing a presentation in my anthropology class on  kids with special needs and was wondering if I could get any advice/help from you. I have had many wonderful opportunities in school, sports, and church to work with special needs kids and adults and absolutely love it! They are amazing and nothing less.

Our report is to educate our class and others on a culture/lifestyle that is not fully understood. It’s to help break down bias, fear, and hatred and to bring understanding, love, and education.

Is there anything you think as a special needs mom that I should talk about and share?

I shared my thoughts with my niece.  But then I got to thinking.  (Yes, that was the smoke you’ve been smelling.)  My thoughts are exactly that.  Just mine. Based on my experiences with Parker.

Obviously, we don’t experience everything in the realm of special needs.

So I decided to come to the experts……those that read Parker’s blog.

What would YOU share with my niece that would help break down bias, fear, and hatred and bring understanding, love and education.

Share your thoughts in the comments section and I’ll pass them on to my niece.  Remember, she will be presenting in front of a class of college students.  What an opportunity to advocate!


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