A Mama’s Intuition: Special Needs Style

Our day nurse is excellent.  We adore her.  And she adores Parker.

But even with her nursing degree, there’s something to be said about a Mama’s intuition.

Especially if that Mama has a child with special needs.

After Parker’s surgery where we tented his epiglottis, his heart rate was in the gorgeous zone.

Gorgeous, I tell you.

So, my nurse theorized, if a kid’s heart rate is doing so well, maybe the surgery worked and we can drop some of the zillions of meds our Brave Hero is on.

First, we cut down the albuterol.

And all was good.

Then we cut down the Flovent.

And all was good.

Then, our nurse theorized, maybe we should cut out all the Flovent.

And this Mama’s heart went……..Idon’tthinkso……

Yet we still did.  I mean which one of us holds the degree in nursing anyway?

She truly is a fantastic nurse.  Did I mention we adore her?

Parker’s heart rate after dropping down his Flovent to next to nothing was no longer in the gorgeous range.

It wasn’t terrible.  But I tend to prefer gorgeous to not terrible.  Parker deserves gorgeous.  Especially when it comes to heart rates.

I started to get a wee bit panicked as Parker’s heart rate was going back up.

Okay.  Who exactly am I kidding here?

Everybody knows that when it comes to panic, I don’t do it in small bits.

One look at my face is testimony of that.

I wanted to bring his Flovent back up  But, you know, I don’t have that nursing degree, and the cutting down on unnecessary meds made sense, and…….I caved.

Monday we took Parker to his ENT.

I explained that after his surgery, even with the stomach flu, and a respiratory virus that lasted TWO WEEKS, Parker’s heart rate had been gorgeous.


Then I told him how we had been decreasing his inhalation meds on the recommendation of Parker’s nurse.

And while his heart rate was still SO much better than pre-surgery rates, it wasn’t gorgeous anymore.

Parker’s ENT looked at me and reminded me that Parker has a skilled team of doctors who’s job it is to decide when meds should be lowered.

ENT pointed out that Parker’s lungs have spent the last 6 years being trashed.

It is going to take a lot of time,  a lot of support (including inhalation meds), and being pro-active to make this happen.


ENT wrote a new script bringing up Parker’s Flovent dose back to pre-surgery levels.

Parker didn’t really need a new script.

But ENT felt that our nurse may need to see this in writing.

I needed to be reminded to trust that intuition when it whacks me upside the head.

Isn’t that what I’ve spent so much time praying for?

The ability to discern what is best for Parker’s health?

Luckily for me when the Spirit does speak to me, It comes prepared with a big stick to get my attention if needed.

Which makes all that time spent on my knees even more worth it.

PS: Stay informed about what’s happening in Social Services during the 2011 Utah Legislative session.


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