A Little Thankfulness

We woke up this morning to this:

A Winter Wonderland!  (Although it is a bit gray out.  I think we have more snow in store!)  Kinda makes you feel like Christmas!

I have an update to Bailey’s job situation.  After being laid off last week, Bailey went to the new Ross not far from us an was given an interview.  One of the questions she was asked is if she could work on Sundays.  Within our religion we are taught that Sunday is a day of rest from temporal work.  It is instead a day for family, church meetings and other spiritual endeavors.  Bailey told the person she was being interviewed by that while she was willing to work Friday nights and Saturdays, she would not be available to work on Sunday.

Not being able to work on Sunday can be the Kiss of Death for many who are hoping for postitions within the retail world.

Bailey came home and figured that she would collect more applications and hopefully gain more interviews.  She had faith that her needs were known by her Heavenly Father and all would turn out well.  Then Monday morning she receives a phone call from the person who had granted her the interview at Ross.  It seemed that Bailey’s outgoing personality, previous retail experience, and yes…….ability to stand up for her personal convictions really impressed her interviewer.    She offered Bailey a job.  No working on Sundays required.  Bailey starts tomorrow.  Prayers are answered.

Speaking of prayers being answered we recieved an amazing gift recently.  I noticed a square, white envelope on my curio.  I opened it up to find a sweet Christmas card.  Inside that card was a gift certificate to Target. The sender of this incredible gift wrote that her family wanted our family to put this toward our Christmas.  I was speechless.  I emailed this family thanking them for their generosity.  I also asked if it would be okay to use this gift at our Super Target and put it towards Pediasure for Parker.   We tend to rest a little easier when we know that Parker’s needs will be taken care of.  They readily agreed.    I hope they know what a blessing they provided us.
We are so grateful to EVERYONE that has donated to Parker’s medical fund.  You’ll never know how much it means to us.

I spent a lot of frustrating time this week dealing with DSPD, Medicaid and doctors.  It can be really hard.  But the support we continue to receive from others has made our journey a little lighter.  The continued love we recieve makes our journey a little sweeter.

Just a little note of thanks.   To ALL of you.

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