A Frugal Lifestyle: Used is good, but free is best!

When our first child, Bailey, was born Reed told me to be sure and save the outfits she outgrew so that they could be passed on to the next kid to come our way.

Me, being who I was then, replied that I wasn’t about to hand down anything.  Why,  it wouldn’t be fair to make the next baby wear used stuff.

Brilliant, no?

My, but how the not too bright have wised up.


A few months ago Reed came home with a HUGE bag filled with clothes that would be perfect for the 14 year old. I’m saving them for him for back to school next year.

Well, except for the two shirts that still had price tags on them. Those became part of this year’s Christmas booty.

Yup, you read that right. I wrapped up two, brand spanking new, hand me downs to give my son for a Christmas gift.

Was that a collective *gasp* I heard?

Get over it.

The rest of the country is.

The recession has opened up a whole new way of thinking:

Used is good.

But free is best.

I’ve shared my love for yard sales. I love bringing home my cheap scores. But, free, in the form of hand me downs rock. my. world.

And it’s not just my world doing the shaking.


There has been a change of thought that reflects a new attitude when it comes to conspicuous spending for kids.

No longer is it necessary to spend a fortune to prove how much you love your kid, or validate your parental skills.

Celebrated by groups such as The Compact, today’s economy has presented the perfect reason for any of us not to break the bank when raising our children.

(Actually, these days it’s not a good idea to break the bank for any reason.)

And when I say ‘us’, I mean all of us. Not just those of us trying to get out of debt or afford a medically fragile kid with special needs.

The glut of consumerism embraced in years past, is simply no longer hip. Rampant spending is no longer a symbol of how cool one is.

The nod of respect is now being given to resourcefulness, making do, and doing with less.

So hold your head high when you buy used and shop second hand.

And thank your lucky stars when someone loves you enough to gift you their hand me downs.

I know I will.


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