A Foundation. Help Needed. And Help Given.

There are some discussions going on here at Praying for Parker regarding what the insurance companies are willing to do, and what they’re not willing to do.

It’s clear that there are better solutions for kids with special needs than the insurance companies want to shell out for, because there’s a chance that somebody other than the recipient might at some point use some function of it.


Oxygen concentrators.

Air compressors.


Floors being made wheel chair friendly.

While it’ll be easy  just provide or subsidize iPads for communicative devices, the Foundation won’t be limited to just computer related technology.  We know full well there’s other needs, many critical, that the insurance company just won’t help with, or will help in their own, non-helpful way.  How much help is an oxygen concentrator that you can see your electric meter spin as you use it?

What Foundation am I speaking of?

A new Foundation that Marissa’s Dad is working to put together.

One that bypasses insurance companies that have no idea what life with a medically fragile child or kid with special needs is like.

One that believes that parents are indeed smarter than their insurance company.

One that can take a small donation and supplement it by magnitudes more in overmatching by some very generous corporate benefactors.

But Marissa’s Dad tells the story so much better than I do.

Go and read it for yourself.

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