A December Sensory Box

I’ve posted before on how to color rice and noodles.  It’s a great way to bring color into a child’s sensory experiences.

For Parker’s sensory box in December I’m going to be coloring his rice using a different medium.  I’ll be replacing the alcohol and food coloring with Colorations Liquid Water Colors.

This technique is so easy and it dries quickly too.

I place 2 cups of white rice in a container, squirted in the liquid food coloring, stirred, and after the coloring was distributed I used my hands to sift through the rice so that it would dry quicker.

Told ya it was easy!

You could also put the rice and liquid water colors into a baggie to distribute the color.  But you would still need to put the colored rice into another container to sift through to dry.  It just depends if you want to stir or shake to distribute your color.

The baggie method.

I made three colors of rice.  Red. Green.  Silver.  These are the colors I’m focusing on for December. Here are the colors all mixed together:

Kinda cool, eh?

Now for the pictures of the actual subject of this post:

I’ve got shatter proof ornaments, teeny bows, jingle bells from this year’s yard sale bounty, toy cars, ringing bells and dollar store snowflakes…..but I forgot to add the wooden Santa to the mix.  Drat!  The spice bottle will be used for an ‘in and out’ activity where Parker will be putting the red and green pipe cleaners through the holes.

Any bets on how many rooms through out the house I’ll be finding Christmas colored rice?


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