A date. A time. A right heart cath.

The date is set.


The time confirmed.


Friday Parker’s cardiologist and the anesthesiologist of our choice will carry our Brave Hero back into the  lab for Parker’s 4th right heart cath.

There are good things about this. 

The fist thing being that come Saturday this will all be behind us.

We’ll know what meds are……and aren’t doing their job.


If luck is with us, Friday’s numbers will be accurate.


If Heavenly Father’s will is with us, Parker’s numbers will look better…..or at least not worse than last time.

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  1. YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!! Way to go, and good luck!

  2. maria cordner says:

    The best of luck to you and the fortitute to go with it!

  3. Lisa Bailey says:

    Parker is getting so big he looks like his brothers in that last picture! Hopes and prayers for Parker on Friday.

  4. Always praying for Parker, but we’ll add a few extra on Friday!!!

  5. Praying for you.

  6. Hoddiedancer says:

    Look at how full his face looks! An adorable little boy. You are my hero. This little boy is alive and doing so well because of you and your commitment. Congratulations on a job well done for so many years. Most days mama’s don’t get recognized. Consider this a HUGE pat on the back and lots of hugs.

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