A Couple Of Really Neat Things Have Happened….

Parker’s blog has been chosen as the Blog Of The Week at Overwhelmed With Joy’s.  Take a minute and go and visit and leave a comment while you are there!  We’re pretty excited!

Next is Parker’s birthday.  He turns the big TWO (yeah, all 16 pounds of him) on Sunday!  We have a family party planned for him, but there is a bit of a debate about his cake.  I vote for an Elmo cake but Reed insists that Parker should have a football themed party complete with a football cake.  But then again,  this time of year and all my boys have football on the brain.

But one thing we all agree on is how cute and sweet the gift that Parker’s friend, Alyssa, sent him all the way from Canada!  Take a look at these dinosaur socks!  Do they totally rock or what!  They came at such a great time too!  Parker has been so cranky and grumpy lately.  This gift of friendship and love was just what the doctor ordered!

Because Parker has been so cranky I decided to sneak some pictures of him wearing his birthday gift while he was asleep.  hee,hee

Notice how well Parker’s diaper matches his new socks! Great choice Alyssa!

And here we have a close up featuring the cutest little chicken legs around wearing the most adorable socks EVER!

Thanks again, Alyssa!  **smooch**  <-----  That's from Parker! Now let's quietly tip toe away from the littlest grouchy boy before he wakes up.  I want to share with you our amazing night last night. Yesterday Reed and I celebrated our 21st anniversary.  Yup.  21 years.  Do I feel old or what?  Because our kids new that there was no way both Reed and I could leave Parker for a night out..........they decided to bring the night out to us.  They pooled their money together and bought us pizza, treats, dessert and rented us a movie; The DaVinci Code.  Then Bailey took the two younger kids out and McCall tended to Parker while Reed and I had a romantic dinner and a movie date in the family room.  Okay.  I confess.  I'll have to watch the DaVinci Code again cause I fell asleep during it last night.   What can I say I'm old AND tired.  lol! But I think you'll agree when I say that I have the most amazing kids ever!  So I guess that makes me old, tired and very, very blessed!

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