A Brave Hero Starts His Day

Before we begin, Parker’s buddy Rhett, could use some prayers for his surgery today. Take a moment to leave a comment over at Rhett’s Journey.


Breakfast is over. And it is time for a bath.


Having to give this kid a bath is quite the experience. Bags, tubes and tape……everywhere! I was given a tip about putting socks on his hands to keep him occupied plus make it harder for him to get a grip on his g-tube……and pull it out. Yikes!


Guess what? It really does help!


A clean Hero, a soaked Mommy and a big mess. We’re done! (I saved you the ostomy bag change pictures. Yeah. You’re welcome.)


One Handsome Hero.


There’s so much to do! Friends to talk to on the phone!



Toys to play with!


Great concentration is needed when a Brave Hero is working on his matching game.

And then after such a busy morning, a guy just needs some time to hang out with his Peeps!


Of course a nap right about now would be an excellent choice. But this Momma’s not counting on that happening. sigh……

Oh. And in case you didn’t know, today is World Down Syndrome Day. A day set aside to spread awareness of the amazing potential of people with Down syndrome.

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  1. Well, happy World Down Syndrome Day! Good idea about the socks.

  2. HAppy WDSD from across the pond

  3. I just love fluffy clean hair on clean-smelling little kids. Unfortunately I could not talk Lauren into a bath this morning before school and sent her into her classroom with toothpaste in her hair. Does that qualify me for Worst Mama Ever?

  4. Rebecca says:

    Adorable….cute, cute, cute overload.

    Happy 3 21 to you from E and I.


  5. He and that frog look mighty happy together :)

  6. I just knew Parker was the kinda kid who would be surrounded by his Peeps. :)
    Cute pictures!

  7. I love his hair right after the bath; Aiden’s is the same way.

    Happy World Down syndrome Day to the woman and child who have my utmost admiration!!

  8. Hes so cute! Thanks for sharing such cute pictures. I hope you all have a wonderful Easter!

  9. what a cutie patootie!!
    I love the pics of Parker playing with his toys!
    I’m sure you could have used a nap….wink wink!

  10. PARKY!! You are beautiful!! I love you sweetie! Your friends are adorable too and I even see a familier froggy :) Tammy, you sure do have a sweet little guy their!! Look at that loved and happy little face!! Socks on the hands, what a wonderful idea!!!

    Love you all!! Hope you have a very happy Easter!

  11. The sock idea is brilliant. i wish I’d heard of that during the 3+ years we had tubes. :)

    Loved your pics…

  12. Rebecca says:

    He’s so handsome after his bath!

  13. Happy WDSD! Loved the series of pics!

  14. Every time I come here, I am amazed at how much more adorable Parker gets each time, and I love you all more. Happy Easter.

  15. Love you both. I hope you had a wonderful day yesterday. Can Parker get any cuter?? And, thank you for the prayers for Wee E. Let’s just say that I wish the surgery would have been done when Parker had his…

    Happy Easter to you all! xx

  16. Chris says:

    Too cute for words!

  17. Darling! And I love that post bath squeaky clean look!

  18. Loved the photos!! Parker you are one handsome little dude!!! Sweet little face!!

  19. THANK YOU for welcoming baby Grace. I was about to get on all the blogs I lurk on and make the announcment “ME TOO, I am in the club now too!!” I had such an easy labor and she is doing great. Eating and breathing without too much help…so we feel very blessed.

    Prayers for Rhett and your Parker. I didn’t even know about WDSD… good timing for us, eh?

  20. What a cutie! Happy Easter!

  21. What a cutie pie!

  22. What an amazing little guy and a hero for sure. I continue to pray for Parker and for your family.

    Hope you had a wonderful Easter.

  23. What a trooper….and your awesome! You both are! Thank you for blogging that!

  24. I had to share this. I’m sitting here reading through Parkers blog when James (6,ASD) comes along and says “oh, he’s SO adorable” His little lisp makes it even cuter. Parker has another fan. :)

  25. Oh the potential I see in my little dude, Parker.

    Thank you for the HUGE Parky fix. Love you guys! ox

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