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We do a lot of blending around these joints.  Parker’s blenderized diet.  Smoothies for the athlete.  Grinding grain for all the baking I do.

But what blender does all of this?

Thanks to Bendtec I now know.  One blender to do it all.  From grains to smoothies to Parker’s blenderied diet,  Blendtec truly does blend it all with the push of a pre-set button.


The 17 year old who is also my Review Assistant and our Classic Combo.


The smoothie recipe we used.  The Blendtec website has many, many recipes!


Our smoothie recipe was simple.  We used LOTS of frozen peaches that we also use in Parker’s benderized diet.  We did this intentionally to see how well the Blendtec blender and Wild Side Jar could handle them.  This is important as we use frozen fruit all winter long in Parker’s blenderized diet.


Vrooom!  The Blendtec made short work of this recipe with a simple push of the smoothie button.


The real test though was whether or not my kids would actually drink their spinach.  Here is my Blue Eyed girl.  She will only eat bananas, carrots and apples.  I kid you not.  Notice the smile on her face as she is loving this smoothie filled with peaches and spinach.  Just this alone is worth the price of the unit for me.  Seriously.


My Athlete also approves.  He’s been using the Blendtec several times a day with his pre-workout and protein powder smoothies.  It’s a SAFE way to cut weight to make his wrestling class.   (Rigel is also hoping you are secreting swooning over his ‘guns’….heh.)


With our bumper crop of winter squash this year, I’ve been putting our Blendtec blender through it’s own workouts pureeing baked squash for Parker’s blenderized diet.  I’ve been seriously impressed.


Pureed organic pumpkin that will be used for homemade pumpkin bread, cookies and other goodies.  MUCH cheaper than buying cans of store bought pumpkin which are running at over $3.50 a can in my area!  And since the Wild Side Jar is BPA free, I don’t have to worry about chemicals leaching in to my pumpkin!


At the top of this post I mentioned using the Blendtec to grind your own grains.  Sweet no?  Even sweeter is being able to grind your own GLUTEN FREE BAKING MIXES.    I always hear parents of kids talking about how expensive it is to provide a gluten free diet for their children.


I don’t do a lot of reviews here.  And I only do reviews on products I truly love and could support you in spending your hard earned cash on.   The Blendtec blender easily meets these requirements.

Pinky Promise.

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  1. OH MY GOSH! This looks amazing, Tammy! I keep praying that the blender fairy visits…I would love to do a blenderized diet for Jackpot.

    And, as the child of a former wrestling coach…cut weight the right way, Mr. Guns. ;) Good boy!

    Oh this is just so cool…I am totally going to look at their website..

  2. I spent all last week searching for protein smoothie recipes. Since I will be the caretaker for my sweet Ashley for as long as God allows, I realized that I need to take better care of myself. I plan to start that journey by making and drinking some healthy protein smoothies for breakfast.

    So off I went to the grocery store for ingredients to throw together in my ‘smoothie maker’ appliance I have had for years. Sadly, that appliance, whether through age or general design, did not have the ooomph to make my drink.

    Now I have a fridge full of ingredients and no way to blend them. And I’ll be darned if I am going to eat just plain cottage cheese (which my smoothie recipes call for)!

  3. Stacey says:

    Wow, that looks like a great blender. I thought the vitamix was a good one but I might be asking my husband for a new one!

  4. Chris and Nana says:

    Gorgeous assistants you have there!

  5. Yup, I LOVE my Blendtec. I have a Mix-N-Blend – the blender is just like yours, and the mixer helps me make bread. It is the toughest thing out there, and that blender can handle anything! I don’t know if they still have the videos of just what exactly the blender can handle, but I’ve seen some that are amazing!


  6. FunMumx3 says:

    We made your spinach peach smoothie… was SOOOOOO good! (Didn’t tell the kids that it was good for them, just passed it off as a Hallowe’en Smoothie)

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