A Bedroom Re-do: Special Needs Style

Update:  I want to thank EVERYONE for their most amazing ideas.  We won’t be doing anything for a while, most likely summer.  Which will give me time to either find something for free (keeping my fingers crossed), or save up a bit as I look around at yardsales, etc.

I’ve written before about Parker’s safe room.


It’s the room Parker spent most of his first three years of life in as he circled the drain.


The space where Parker hangs out when we need to keep him away from the rest of the family due to illness.


It’s the room that houses Parker’s vent, concentrator, nebulizer, suction machine, pulse sat monitors,  various medical supplies, and continuous feeds pole.

It’s where Parker sleeps.

And where we sleep.

On a mattress that we throw on the floor 4-5 times a week.

If truth be told, we don’t really sleep on that mattress.  We close our eyes and wish to sleep. But when morning comes, we get up off that mattress just as exhausted as before.

And I need to change that.   Because if there is one thing I know, it’s that at least a few hours of dependable sleep is necessary for this Mama and Papa.

I need to figure out a way to fit a twin sized bed into an already full space.

It’s really a job requiring the skills of The Nester and the Thrifty Decor Chick.

Alas, neither of those talents live at this blog.



I”m thinking of taking everything from both of these long tables (they’re the tables that I used to use to scrapbook on) and combining it into something like this Maple Hutch .  This one is only $75.00, which with it being solid maple is MUCH less than I bet they originally paid for it.

Because people are getting rid of their fat screen tv and replacing them with flat screens, tv hutches have been popping up on both Craigslist and KSL pretty frequently.

Whatever I used would have to be very sturdy.  The stuff we would need to put on it weighs a ton.

(BTW, anybody have an old hutch taking up room that they no longer need?  I have been known to work miracles with a can of paint.)


Then over where the books are now I would have enough room for a twin sized bed.  I couldn’t fit the bed directly under that shelf on the wall, because it would wind up t-boning Parker’s crib.

See that huge hole thing under the window. It’s supposed to be a window box. Unfortunately Reed never got around to putting the TOP on the box.


If you are bored and want to add a top to Parker’s window box, come on over. I’ve given up on Reed ever getting it done. And I’m very tired of having to vacuum dead spiders out of it all the time.

That’s our $15.00 glider, which while it works fine, isn’t exactly the most comfortable place when you need to pull an all-nigher with a very sick kid.

So, got any good ideas on how we could make this room work better for us?

Our budget is beyond tight.  But I can take notes now and save up shekels because we HAVE to get a bed in there one of us to sleep on.

Want to share some pictures of YOUR kid’s room and how you fit all the medical stuff in there?

Any other parents of medically fragile kids on vents that sleep with their kids at night?  How do you make it work?


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