Sarah Palin

Today at 5 Minutes For Special Needs Parker and I are talking about Sarah Palin and her decision to run on McCain’s ticket.


The positive publicity this announcement brings is, regardless of your political views, a leap in the right direction for families of children with special needs, and especially those with Down syndrome.


I’m also sharing some fantastic ideas to add art and a bit of Montessori flair to your child’s curriculum.

So go. Read. Leave a comment or two.

While you’re doing that I’ll be working my way through the next batch of this:

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  1. If that is more salsa…I am going to have to demand some of it. ;)


  2. Where do you get the time to do everything?!

  3. LOL! Karen, isn’t that a question I should be asking YOU! :D

  4. Mmmm…the sauce looks good! I’ve enjoyed reading your posts at 5 Minutes for Special Needs and thought I’d check out your blog as well. Parker is a cutie!

  5. I was so excited when I saw Sarah was chosen!!!! Horaay for this!

    The sauce looks delicious! And I agree, how DO you find time to do it all? You are amazing!!

    Love you Tammy,

  6. I just found your site through “sand between my toes”. I live in Alaska and Sarah is awesome and I hope she wins! (That sauce does look good). Hugs for the little one.

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