for Parker’s new liver panel to be drawn. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but we are praying that there will be a significant downward trend.

Parker has been able to wear his NEW CPAP for SIX days straight now! That is a CPAP record. He has been waking up after an average of 5 hours asleep with it. While anything 4 hours and over is okay, I am hopping to get him back up to 8 hours a night on a regular basis.

This new CPAP is totally amazing. There is HEAT! The old one blew only cold, dry air………oh so perfect for those with chronic sinus infections.


We should get the results back from Parker’s liver panel and BNP sometime tomorrow. To keep my mind off of the worry I’ve been planting a few flowers:



These flowers hang on the fence that is between our yard and the gorgeous stream that runs behind our home.


The water in this stream is only about 6-8 inches deep. It so soothing and calming and being near it brings down the outdoor temp a good 10 degrees or more. The only drawback is that along certain side of the stream there grows poison ivy. Yuck! Reed usually goes out with silver spray paint and paints the leaves for several yards and then later on goes back and hits it with stuff to kill it. Until then the silver leaves let the kids know what to stay away from!


Instead of throwing away a watering can that no longer waters, turn it into a planter! As the summer progresses the flowers in this can get huge and start to trail down the can and look simply gorgeous.

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