My Mom has stayed over the last two days to help me reorganize what feels like my entire home in order to house all of the nifty new technology that came home with Parker. As well as the new technology came boxes and boxes of supplies required to allow the new machines to perform their magic.

This is only one of about 14 piles of stuff I had to find new places for:

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I don’t function well in clutter. I am of the mind that trying to keep a child like Parker alive requires great organization and schedule. So for every pile of new stuff that followed Parker home I had to find a pile of stuff to get rid of. I’m just funny like that. My Mom and I worked our butts off to accomplish this goal all while attending to Parker’s every two hour meds, three hour bolus feeds, and refusal to be more than 3 centimeters away from me at all times. I still have some more things to finish up, but I can do that as I go.

Has anyone ever heard of Florastor before? This is one of the new miracle drugs that has been added to Parker’s daily routine. It is a probiotic to help with his stomach and digestive issues. $109.00 a month. Yup. And guess who’s insurance won’t touch a dime of it. You mix up the needed amount each morning and you have to use it within 24 hours or else it will go bad and you will have wasted your $3.63 for that day. It can’t be given with any of Parker’s other meds. So now along with his every two hour medication schedule we have to add in the Florastor on the ‘off hours’. Not like I’m busy or anything. Or ever need to go to the bathroom. Or eat lunch. Or scratch my nose.

I read this over at here today. And I voted for this guy. Think it is too late to take my vote back?

And word to the wise: When doing trach cares for a child NEVER stand directly over them. ALWAYS stand to the side of them as you are cleaning their trach and underlying area. Today I discovered just how far Parker could launch a wad of snot from that thing. And of course it was my FACE that was right in the line of fire. Direct hit.

Score one for the little guy.


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