We interviewed a new Pediatrician yesterday. I wish so much that I would have made this a priority a very long time ago.

One of her first questions to us was why in the world Parker was on Pediasure and not something like Neocate. It was painfully obvious to her that Parker has not been getting his nutritional needs met. Oh, and why didn’t he have a g-tube placed. I told her I had visited BOTH a Pediatric GI specialist and an Endocrinologist and BOTH had blown me off with these very concerns.

She said she would be making a few calls to both of these Specialists today.

Did you read that? SHE said that SHE would be making calls to both of these specialists today. FINALLY someone willing to be proactive in Parker’s care. Someone with clout and the degree behind it.

Oh, and did I tell you this Pediatrician is also a REGISTERED DIETICIAN? Yeah. I am thinking I have hit pediatric gold here.

I had her take a look at Parker’s teeth which have started looking very bad in the last few months. She feels that it is possible that the on going infections he is experiencing could be from the unusual sort of decay she is seeing in his mouth. It is most likely medication related, which I have been saying all along, but could also very well be due to LACK OF PROPER NUTRITION. Again an issue I have brought up over and over with several specialists.

Parker will be admitted today at PCMC. He will be undergoing blood transfusions, an endoscopy, ph probe, be seen by a pediatric dentist, started on a new formula, and a few other fun activities.

I will be taking Parker up by myself, checking him in by myself, staying with him overnight for at least two nights by myself and then bringing him home by myself. Reed has meetings that he feels he can’t miss even an hour or two of this week. I’m feeling a little overwhelmed as I will be on my own for everything, INCLUDING all the decision making that will need to be done. It will be my job to handle all of this AND make sure that things still run smoothly at home with my other kids.

Sometimes I wonder how just one person is supposed to keep so many balls in the air while maintaining some sort of sanity too.


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